IFF-ish: Islander Edition-ish

Greetings from de island,

So you may have noticed that it’s not Friday. I honestly did begin writing this yesterday, but some events transpired within our family that far overshadowed the need to post. I felt like you were pretty reasonable people and would understand, and for that I am grateful.

That being said, this Islander Feature Friday is a bit of a cop out. I won’t pretend it isn’t, but I feel like I have a pretty okay excuse! My dear friend Shruti is leaving island on Tuesday (NYC bound). Her husband, Chris, was accepted into Columbia University! While the circumstances are fantastic for them, I am, of course, devastated. I asked Shruti to be my Islander Feature a week before I needed it for this month. Shame on me, right? She has the most incredible story for how she ended up in St. Thomas and has endured on island. I won’t spoil it, but I will say she is originally from India. It’s incredible! Of course she could not put this immaculate story together in a week, but I will absolutely make an exception and post her story as soon as I receive it. When Wilson left island, Shruti cooked us an amazing Indian dinner, so for her sendoff, I cooked her a proper Southern meal of chicken pot pie, corn casserole, and blackberry cobbler 🙂 We took a walk and cried a lot. But I am taking so much solace in the fact that we will be REUNITED in September in NYC!

My Shruf!
My Shruf!
Chris, Shruti, Me, and DJ
Chris, Shruti, Me, and DJ

I still feel that I owe you some personal testament to the island life, so I am delighted to link you to our church blog to read some of the personal testimonials from our summer interns about their experiences: Shannon and Jeremiah. They won’t disappoint!

Thanks for checking in friends. I hope this wasn’t too lackluster for you! Until next time folks!



P.S. Happy Birthday to my dearest Danielle (aka “Aunt Nelle”)!!

House was turning up
House was turning up

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