4th of July-ish

Greetings from de island!

I realize it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted any real-life island stories outside of the IFFs, so this is beyond overdue.

My excuse for lack of updates is due to the mission teams we had visiting in June/early July. For several weeks after our trip home to Louisiana, it was our work schedules not lining up, trying to catch up on sleep, and working with mission teams in between. Basically we’ve been busy which is so unlike us 😉 As you probably don’t know, I maintain the blog for our church, so you can read what we’ve been up to RIGHT HERE!

Aside from our incredible little stay at Gallows Point, we’ve had little going on but all good things 🙂

It was a monumental occasion to return from our staycation in St. John and go straight to (drum roll please) buy a new mattress! If you could only understand how we’ve been putting this off to the detriment of my back and how glorious it was to finally DO THIS THING! We spent one night at the resort that DJ and I work at to get the “guest experience”. It was incredible. But the bed- oh that bed! I woke up NEEDING a new mattress in my life- stat. I mentioned this at our department meeting, and someone reminded me that when we did a property “refresh”, all our mattresses went to wonderful second-hand warehouse that sells furniture from the resorts on island. We stopped by on our way home, and they had THE mattress. So we went home, talked about it, thought about it, and spent another few nights on a proper mattress at Gallows and pulled the trigger on the mattress before we even unpacked. Is it a few years old? Yes. Have at least 100 people probably had sex on it? Yes. But it was under $200, and IT. IS. GLORIOUS. The sheets we bought from Macy’s (great shipping prices fellow islanders) add to its splendidness (if you’re in the market). DJ shared a great post on a St. Thomas community page about our experiences with getting the mattress and box spring home:


And then

We were too busy to host a gathering on 4th of July, so we decided to do a 4th of July-ish cookout with our island family on July 15.


DJ made amazing burgers on the grill, and our friends brought sides and desserts. I made a red, white, and blue trifle- pudding and whipped cream from scratch!! And it was not my best at all, but it was beautiful 🙂 (I will most definitely stick with instant pudding in the future).

That’s a Jurrasic Park collectible dinosaur cup topper in the top right 😉

We even made a glow-in-the-dark ring toss game thanks to some Pinspiration. Who doesn’t get excited about glow sticks!? The whole thing was a blast!

Glow-in-the-dark Ring Toss

And also

This past week was quite exciting for us as well. DJ and I are officially going to NYC in September for a mission trip with Freshwater and the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association, and then we will be embarking on a cruise out of Manhattan to Boston, Portland, and St. John and Halifax, Canada. Flights are booked, rooms reserved, and cruise is paid for. Where do islanders go for vacation? Somewhere cold-ish lol I can’t wait for fall!

And this

This past Wednesday we took our friend Shannon who is visiting from NYC as a summer intern for Freshwater around St. Thomas (as you may have read briefly in the Abi Beach Bar post). After we went to Abi, we took Shannon to Magen’s Bay and had a relaxing afternoon of floating and beach chair lounging. When the sun started to go down around 5, we showed Shannon around Peterborg and decided to do some climbing. We ALMOST made it to the end of Peterborg and found two amazing tidal pools! I ruined my sandals, but it was definitely worth it 🙂 I never tire of Peterborg Point, especially at sunset.

DJ, Me, Shannon (Geaux Tigers)
Charlotte Amalie look-out spot
Flamboyant tree at Drake’s Seat
Drake’s Seat view of Magen’s Bay
Magen’s Bay
Shannon & Me at Peterborg Point
DJ leading our climbing adventure


Shannon “on top of the world -ip”
“We’ll just go a little further”
We went further than that.
Until we reached a dead-end with a dead crab
Enjoying the view with my dead crab friend
“we could probably make it out a little further”
And then I found this amazing tidal pool!
And DJ ALMOST reached the end of all ends of Peterborg!
And found this incredible tidal pool!
And then we had to make it back up
Awesome salt deposits
Almost back to the top!
Just in time for sunset

And also this

Gotta collect all the “kids” minion cups!
  • We saw Minions (of course)- it was not great, but I will still buy it and watch it a thousand times I’m sure.
  • We also saw Ant Man- I love Paul Rudd always. ALWAYS!
  • Tomorrow is my incredible husband’s 26th birthday! I can’t wait to share our festivities with you in the coming posts.

See y’all Friday 😉




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