IFF: Abi Beach Bar

Evening Folks,

I’m pretty excited about today’s Island Feature Friday as the story behind it reflects everything I love about island life 🙂

This past Sunday I worked an AM shift at work which is fairly unusual for me as I usually attend church and work the PM shift. A guest calls me in the morning to inquire about how to get to Abi Beach Bar which I had never heard of. The guest explained that they found it online, but it appears to only be reachable by boat. I transferred the call to the concierge and continued to scroll through their Facebook page for more information. I then text DJ so excited to have happened upon this new spot to which he kindly informed me that he’s mentioned this place to me before- everyone knows about it Megan-duh! (heh…oops) Upon further stalkage, I saw that my lovely friend Heather has checked-in at Abi before, so I text her for directions to the “local road access”. I clocked out at 3:30pm, changed for the beach, and we made the off-road trek and were beach-side by 4 (and Heather met up with us too!)

Abi Beach Bar

Abi Beach Bar, simply put, is just a cool place to go. Similar to the Soggy Dollar in Jost van Dyke, the premise is a secluded beach area that’s a one-stop shop for food, drinks, merch, beach lounging, and hanging out.  It’s primarily accessible by boat, but they offer ferry service for large groups (20 or more) from Havensight. Fortunately there’s road-ish access for locals as well.

Food and Drinks: Often times with cool little beach bars like this, the emphasis is on the drinks, and the food is mediocre. This is NOT the case with Abi. We’ve had the chicken quesadilla (YUM!), the jerk chicken sandwich (amazing sauce) and the fish tacos (yes!). All of it was excellent, and everything is very reasonably priced.


Merch: I just love Abi’s gift shop. It can be tough to find tees and tanks on island that aren’t tacky or just plain ridiculous, and I wanted all the Abi shirts! We bought two sun blocking shirts for our upcoming fishing trip, and I love love them! I also love that they converted a sea can into a merch store.

Abi’s converted sea can merch shop

My buddy Wade working the merch shop
The Beach: I am ALWAYS excited about exploring a new beach on island, and this one was beautiful! I love the fact that it’s off the beaten path. There were even protected leatherback turtle nests along the shore! We haven’t snorkled there yet, but based on the rocky edges, I bet the snorkeling is pretty good as well.


Us at Abi doing our thing


Leatherback Sea Turtle Nest
Hang Out: Abi has complementary beach chairs and couch lounges, a volleyball court, and corn hole. They offer non-motorized water sport rentals too. And every Sunday Abi has a live band throughout the day, and the place was packed with locals last Sunday- in a good way of course. Abi was so nice, we went twice! We took our friend Shannon who is serving as a summer intern with our church in St. John on Wednesday during the day. While we only went for lunch, it would be an ideal spot to hang out all day. There were only a few other people so everything was open for us to use.



Volleyball Set-up


DJ and Shannon playing corn hole
When we were leaving Abi on Sunday evening, it started to rain for just a few minutes. The Virgin Islands has been in one of the worst droughts in about 20 years. So people were dancing in it. DJ and I walked proudly in it to our car parked way down the clay “road”. Moments like this and places like Abi embody everything I love about living in St. Thomas: spontaneity, living in the moment, community, and beauty in simplicity.




P.S. I have started a blog post on real-life happenings in the Carp’s world which I did not finish before the obligatory IFF. Hopefully posting tomorrow!


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