Island Feature Fridays!

Greetings Loved Ones,

Update on my blog class (again, completing it slowly but surely a month late lol): I hope you’ve noticed my update on the theme and my fancy new Instagram widget (applause welcome). And my new assignment is to start a feature for which I have deemed Island Feature Friday (IFF from here on out) to “feature” something particularly wonderful about the “island” every “Friday”. And won’t you just be shocked if I do this every Friday? I know I will be! In keeping with the trend of my mom’s trip (which was only 10 days but apparently much longer in blog years ;)) I will use TWO features from her trip (and a few vague plugs)! Here goes.

Mom’s first full day on island was conveniently split down the middle as I had a morning shift and DJ had an evening shift. They spent the morning sleeping in and walking around Yacht Haven until mom went to Morningstar beach where I met up with her after my shift. I will now insert a vague plug as I know when my mom does finally guest write on the blog, she will certainly feature Coco Joe’s as she is probably the #1 fan of their nachos which I fully understood why after this experience. So we had some food at Coco Joe’s and watched one of the most randomly set up weddings I’ve ever seen and napped on the beach. P.S. This wedding would prove to be one of at least 3 that we saw together on this trip, not to mention the assortment of brides. Random weddingness was trending.

Nachos at Coco Jo's
Nachos at Coco Jo’s
I ❤ their ceiling!

Here’s where the feature comes in.

Enkai (go ahead- click on it)

That night we went to one of my absolute favorite restaurants on island, Enkai. Enkai is a higher-end sushi bar in Frenchtown. It is beautifully located on the harbor which is lit up at night, and if you sit on the bar overlooking the water, you will see the tarpon splashing around. Not only is this, in my opinion, one of the best sushi spots on island, they also boast a creative menu featuring items like cheeseburger dim sum and a fried ice cream donut. But the reason I can’t get enough of this place (as if that all weren’t enough, plus my darling friend Monica who makes each visit even more enjoyable) is the New Orleans style roll featuring, drum roll please, CRAWFISH. Yes, it is a throwback to everything I love about sushi in Louisiana, and they do it RIGHT! If I were better, I would have taken a photo of the menu because like a few amazing places here on St. Thomas, Enkai doesn’t post the menu online, but stop by their Facebook page and you’ll understand why this restaurant is one I love to splurge on! (I think my mom would agree as well)

Mom & I at Enkai
Mom & I at Enkai
The view, the display, the sushi- magnifico!
The view, the display, the sushi- magnifico!

On Sunday mom and DJ went to church, and as always, Freshwater welcomed her with open arms! I am so blessed to have a church family that truly is like family to me. And we had an awesome night in grilling out and doing puzzles.

Monday morning, we treated mom to:

Fish Spa

This is such a strangely wonderful gem that we have here in St. Thomas. The fish spa is basically as it sounds, a treatment for your feet delivered by fish. At first, this was beyond weird to me. I probably never would have done it had DJ not bought us gift cards for Christmas (in case you missed that post) . I was so freaked out about trying it, and I think mom was a little nervous for her first time as well. But I loved it the first time, and I loved it again with her (and she did too). It was such a fun experience to share with her because it is so unique and different! So let me explain: the fish are very tiny, like the length of MY forefinger, so maybe your pinkie, and they “nibble” at your feet removing the dead skin that builds up. They do not eat it as we learned. It tickles A LOT at first, but it stops after about a minute. I’ve only done the 15 minute treatments but have seen significant results. I would definitely recommend this for ladies looking for something fun and unique to try on island. The owner is delightful as well! I have a punch card and will continue to make this a stop for friends on island.

Getting the fish spa treatment
Getting the fish spa treatment


Afterwards we went to Melt for lunch which I will save for another IFF. That night DJ and I both worked so mom got to slum it at the Marriott Beach BBQ which I will have her write about in a guest post as well.

So thus ends another installment of mom’s trip! Still more to come!! I have some Easter blurbs to add in the next few days, Lord willin’ and the Caribbean don’t rise. Thanks for joining in on the first Island Feature Friday!




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