Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.” Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Greetings Loved Ones,

My next blog publishing assignment is to respond to The Daily Post’s writing prompt. I actually started this a few days ago, so it’s not today’s prompt but it still counts! I have amended the prompt to what would the island’s tagline be, and coincidentally, my mom just happened to send me 3 of her taglines for the island the other day just for fun!

Here are mom’s 3 taglines for the island (which I love, love!):


Allow me to explain (and add that obviously I cannot speak for every person who lives on this island; as with every place, no generalization of a people group is true for every individual).

1. Many islanders work in the service industry, so quite literally the weekend itself is usually of no consequence. However the intent with this tagline is to capture the idea that islanders live spontaneously and without counting down the moments until our days off come. I can work a shift and hit the beach in the afternoon or have a wonderful evening with friends. Island life is one lived in the moment rather than awaiting the moments ahead.

2. While the cost of living may not reflect this tag, the mentality of islanders is one of conservation and minimizing the negatives in life. Less stress. Less judgment. Less waste.

3. Living simply gives you a greater perspective on life. Islanders rejoice when it rains because it gives us water. A strip of sand and a cooler makes for the perfect day. As Kenny Chesney so perfectly put it in “Life On A Rock”, “Nothing really changes, like a stretch of sand time forgot,” the island life is one of little change and being content with what ya got.

To tie this in with my mom’s visit, one of the days she was here we had scheduled to do a walking tour, have lunch at Greengo’s (our FAVORITE Mexican spot), hit Magen’s bay, do an evening sail from The Marriott, and sail to Jost Van Dyke the next day (side note: despite my “islander” mentality, I LOVE itineraries; my favorite part of people visiting may be planning their trip, oh and their faces too ;))

True Story
True Story

We decided to skip the walking tour as it just wasn’t a 99 steps kind of day. We packed the ice chest for the morning and went straight to Magen’s. We got about 15 minutes of beach time total in between seeking shelter under trees from the rain which came out of nowhere (as it does here sometimes) before we gave up and caught lunch at Hook, Line, and Sinker. IMG_0413 We chose this spot because when my mom visited last with my sister, we had brunch there, and it was excellent. I also love this spot because it is just so quaint. It’s on the water in Frenchtown and has a very fishing village look and local feel to it. I’m obsessed with the windows. The seafood was great, but I still prefer HL&S for brunch. However this would be my recommendation for affordable seafood on the south side of the island for sure.  Hook, Line, and Sinker

Window at HL&S

DJ had a meeting at work, so mom and I got some coffee from BadAss and shopped around Yacht Haven until he was done.


DJ went to STJ to lead Young Adult Bible Study while mom and I went on a dinner sail out of the Marriott. Everything was messed up with our reservation, but we ended up getting on the sail just the same. The sun was setting beautifully as we boarded the boat, and we took some lovely pictures just before the clouds came and it POURED in increments throughout the entire sail. We were soaked and freezing, and everyone was having a blast! We also got some great pictures of the cruise ships staying late in port (a fairly rare occurrence this late, especially more than one ship).




IMG_0417 IMG_0418


That evening we found out that due to the heavy winds, our sail to Jost had been cancelled. Luckily we are close friends with Sail Safaris, and they were able to take us on a local sail to snorkel around Henley and Mingo Cay. We stopped at the store, loaded the boat with snacks and sandwiches, and had an incredible day on the water which ended with us visiting our friends at their new restaurant, Barefoot Cowboy Lounge, and enjoying an awesome BBQ dinner.

Fly Girl





So we didn’t stick to the itinerary, but we saved some experiences for mom’s next trip and had a beautiful time in between. With that I’d like to add my own tagline for the island, “Islanders make good times happen.” I s’pose I just traded “laissez les bon temps rouler” for an island adaptation 😉

More to come ❤




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