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Greetings loved ones,

You may recall on my last blog me mentioning taking a blog class and possibly posting more and then dead air space came for several days after. As an English major and lover of intriguing reads, I like to be vague and interesting when eluding to my subject matter. I’ve spent days, nay, almost weeks trying to be the World’s Most Interesting Blogger before writing this, and quite honestly friends, I’ve got nothin’. So I figure I best get on with it and just be completely open with this not-so-mysterious blog assignment. My first blog assignment (which I’ve now neglected to a point of being behind on several blog assignments) is to publish a post for my audience. So here I am like well my audience is just my friends and family reading about what we do with our lives, and I’ve decided that’s not enough for me. If I could re-write my blog, I’d like it to be inspirational and informative on the subject of leaving the known behind and embracing the unknown ahead, particularly the island life ahead. I want people to read about our lives here and want to throw caution to the wind and join us!!! or at least visit! So from now on while you will still find pictures of DJ and I kissing and nonsense about the daily workings of our lives, I hope that you will find our blog more, let’s say, point-worthy, to where you finish, and say, “oh, that was the point.”

Let’s begin, shall we?

There once was a man from Nantucket…

Just kidding.

Friday March 6

It was a normal work day for me except that it was an early morning shift (7am) the likes of which I am no longer used to and dread to the point of stomach ache. I like sleeping until 10. I like being a night owl. I know this is not an adult-like quality. Oh well. As I sat on the steps eating my lunch on my break and counting down the minutes to the end of my shift, I said a prayer that my mom would arrive safely, and I was beyond anxious to see her again. The last time I saw my mom was in November when I went home to meet Thomas for the first time. While I’ve gone longer, it had been much too long.

One of my favorite moments of living on island is the one where you stand at the entry doors to the airport and await an incoming guest. In St. Thomas, you walk straight off the plane, down a set of stairs, into the sunlight, and then to the airport entry. My mom always cries, and I love that because if she didn’t, I’d feel like she didn’t miss me enough. This was my mom’s third visit which presented the comfort of her knowing all the quirks of the island with the challenge of finding new things to do. We didn’t get through the full itinerary which was good because I can roll those over for her next visit.

Most guests begin their trip with an island tour which involves us driving them around most of the island and pointing out all the photo spots and regularly trafficked areas, but mom’s a veteran so we picked up DJ from work and headed home to unpack. Our apartment had changed quite a bit since her last visit, so I was excited to share the progress on our home. She also came bearing many gifts including a dozen chocolate donuts!!! (I definitely should have taken pics)


That night we went to dinner at a new favorite spot of ours, The Cruzan Beach Club at the Sunset Grille. We love this restaurant for many reasons: it’s located at Secret Harbor Beach Resort which has fantastic snorkeling, it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all fabulous), it’s the perfect balance of casual and lovely for dinner, and it has Ahi Nachos which are to die for! This was mom’s first time dining here, and she too loved its charm and delicious menu.There was even a wedding booked at the Sunset Grille next door so we creeped on the wedding dancing and listened to the reactions of the guests admiring the hired fire dancer. It was a lovely first night!


Menu for Cruzan Beach Club- Check it out!


Let’s recap: my mom came, sentiment, oooo nice restaurant, the end

The point: wow wouldn’t it be so lovely to have my mom come visit my beautiful island life/what a nice restaurant which I shall include in my plans to visit St. Thomas

So obviously there’s a lot more to my mom’s trip but in the interest of being a TRUE student of writing, I will drag this story out into multiple assignments 🙂

Grades welcome.




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