A Shmorgishborg of Random Facts

Greetings loved ones,

The island is windy and starving for rain already (with the exception of the past few days), but the days are exceptionally lovely lately. The water has been far too cold for us islanders, so we recently spent a day off playing tourists and finally doing the historical walking tour of downtown Charlotte Amalie.

IMG_0017-0 IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0020

Shortly after this day, our beloved camera bit the dust, and we are mourning its loss quite heavily. We are shopping for cameras at the moment which is quite the daunting and expensive task 😦  We did BREAK DOWN KICKING AND SCREAMING and got iPhones. We finally made the switch due to having a Macbook, Apple TV, and an iPad. And with our camera’s untimely death, we admitted the benefits to having better cameras on our phones. We also got an incredible loyalty credit from Sprint to lease the phones at an unbelievably cheap rate which pushed us even further. It was absolutely the most ridiculous experience we’ve ever had switching phones, and part of me felt it was the iDarkforces at work (I wrote a letter to Sprint)! We have joined the dark side though and are officially and Apple family (although we did get a free Samsung tablet from Sprint, so there’s that). We actually love our phones though!


We’ve finally completed the improvements to the living room (for the most part), and with each completed project, we feel even more at home. (Pics to come!)

DJ and I recently went to a little local spot called Latitude 18 (my mom loves this place) with our friends Shruti and Chris to listen to a crazy country folk band called Fiddler and the Sun Mountain Band. It was a great piece of home on the island!



For Valentine’s Day, we did a lovely brunch at Pesce and then went to work (yay!) We also had a post-Valentine’s cook-out after DJ preached at church on Sunday and spent time with the island people we love so dearly. I made some red velvet chocolate chip cookies which were de-lish!
Recipe: http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/12/13/red-velvet-chocolate-chip-cookies/

We will be going to a fancy dinner on Thursday night to celebrate our belated Valentine’s ❤️

So without further ado, I’ve decided that the most realistic way that I will ever recap our cruise (with all the pictures and delight) is to post one day at a time. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, DJ and I went on a cruise in September to take a little break from the island. Island fever comes more quickly than one might expect. I’d say every 6 months we need a week off-island. The shores start to close in, and the tourist-driven routine makes us a little crazy-eyed. Our trip home to Louisiana in July was our first time off-island since we moved, and it was long overdue. Since the REAL “slow season” for the island is August-October, that’s when most people, including us, schedule vacations. Our cruise departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We flew to PR early in the morning, and when we arrived, we went straight to Starbucks! It was Pumpkin Spice Latte season, and that was half the vacation for me 😉



Once I got my PSL, we headed to the cruise terminal. The first thing we did was NAP in our AIR

CONDITIONED room (it’s the little things)!


Our first night we mostly ate ourselves into oblivion and watched the lights of PR as we set sail for our first stop- the beautiful, majestic, island paradise of St. Thomas.


And YES it was totally worth $120 round-trip flights to San Juan to get Starbucks and an extra night on our cruise. Naturally when we arrived in St. Thomas, we were so thrilled to look at the lovely Charlotte Amalie harbor from the view of the EMPTY ship 🙂



We spent the day playing mini-golf, having the Serenity Deck to ourselves, being first in line at the buffet, and relaxing in general. We were quite popular with the other guests as they noticed us staying on the ship, and we explained that this paradise is our home.



We enjoyed a fabulous dinner and an evening at the comedy club. Our favorite part of the day was taking off and watching the lights of our islands which we are so proud to call home (St. Thomas and St. John) fading in the distance as we sailed away.

Looking forward: Recap post of our day in Barbados, an update on our home improvements, our island Mardi Gras, and our Valentine’s night out!




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