Thanksgiving: Island Style

Happy Thanksgiving Loved Ones!

Last year DJ and I celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (after I had work of course) at home, just the two of us. I cooked on Wednesday, DJ made turkey on Thursday, and we set up a lovely candlelight dinner on our patio watching the cruise ships leave and thanking God for where our island adventure has led us thus far: I had just started my new job at The Ritz, we had just started leading youth with Freshwater Church, and we were loving living in paradise.


This year, however, we decided to host our fellow island orphans for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We had a great group of friends come over Wednesday night for a meal which I prepared for most of Tuesday evening and Wednesday (with the help of my lovely friend, Kelly), and we celebrated island life!

PhotoGrid_1417308700899 10801522_10102377343182130_1455033016897431867_n

On Thanksgiving while I worked, DJ went to St. John to have Thanksgiving lunch with our church family. I met him in St. John later to have Thanksgiving/Birthday/Christmas at the Barley’s in celebration of Amanda’s 15th birthday which was also Christmas themed on Thanksgiving 🙂 It was an awesome time!



This year we were thankful for island friends and family, for the growth of our church and ministry, for our family back home (especially our new nephew, Thomas), our kitty, Ted Mosby, and another amazing year in paradise.


Despite my working (as usual), we managed to spend a mostly-traditional Black Friday decorating our Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music. DJ picked up our REAL Christmas tree from Cost-U-Less which turned out to be quite bigger than our tree from last year.

PhotoGrid_1417390417348 20141128_231701DJ & last year’s tree:

1474411_10151964334453673_564195559_nThanks to my stashing some ornaments from home this past visit, we managed to fill out our tree fairly well. Although I can’t wait to get some new ornaments this year!


I know I said next post would be Chikungunya and cruise topic, but I couldn’t skip Thanksgiving for that! To come!

We are so thankful for you!




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