So…this is embarassing

Greetings loved ones,

We hang our heads in shame as we realize that is has been over a year since we have updated our blog about moving to the islands for which, even worse, we have only written 3 posts! I must admit there have been several times that I have went to blog but simply felt that it had been so long that I better not. With our recent visit home, I am realizing that the show must go on! We will simply make up for lost time and back track when we have the time. I hope that you will accept our deepest apologies for neglecting to narrate what has been an incredible journey. With that, we hope you have followed our adventures on Instagram and that you will rejoin us in awaiting the recap posts which I do promise will come in due time. Now that that’s past us, let’s talk about now.

On June 3, DJ and I celebrated what we have affectionately deemed our islaversary. To realize that we have been residents on this most beautiful tropical island for one year already, is just. plain. cray!

To greatly summarize: DJ still works at the Marriott Frenchman’s Cove. Megan works at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas. We live in the same apartment that we have previously posted about, and we hope to stay there for a while as we love our little place. House has adapted well to the island life. He loves to go to the beach and play fetch with new people. He is also getting much better at swimming. And we now have a little kitten, Ted Mosby, who is the cutest among us! We attend and lead youth for Freshwater Church in St. John. Our ministry is growing in unique ways as we learn more about island culture. We have made lots of new friends and spend our days off exploring the beaches and sailing with our friends, the Barleys, at Sail Safaris in St. John. Some highlights would definitely be our visitors: Bear and Emily, Mom and John, Sam, Mom and Lindsey, the Carpenters, Uncle Marcel and Angie, and Terry and Charlotte Harper. We have especially enjoyed our day trip to Virgin Gorda and our recent night snorkeling trip, and of course we are slowly making our way to new beaches, new islands, and visiting all the tourist hot spots.  We are always anxious to get new visitors and play tourist for a little while! Currently on our roster of visitors to come: Taunty Sandra & Uncle Jarrod and Devan & Lester. We are also expecting our first NEPHEW- Thomas aka the patron saint of our island home (in no relation to the island on which we live, but I shall fake it none the less)!

I will be making a brief visit home to meet Thomas November 4-10. DJ (and maybe me as well) will be coming home in early December for a few days for Sam’s graduation from Nicholls.

We solemly swear that we will “play catch up” on the past year! We love & miss you all and hope to see everyone soon!





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