April Showers bring…May!?

To our handful of loyal followers,
I must first apologize for letting a month slip through with no updates. It’s surreal how fast time is flying, but that’s no excuse! So let’s start from the beginning. The past month has been filled with fitting in visits and moving out the junk. Aside from the many family I was able to reconnect with at my precious Mamaw’s funeral, we have also had many wonderful visits with friends and some catching up with family as well.
Our first grand ole time was spent down in Pierre Part with DJ’s parents. We had a game night and spent the night. We stayed up late playing cards with his mom, little brother, Taunty (aunt), and cousin. This was a welcomed evening of fun, and I’m so glad we were able to visit as our opportunities are getting fewer and far between.
The next weekend I attended a bridal shower for my dear friend who I’ve known since 7th grade, Amanda. This was especially exciting because I was able to catch up with some old friends, Allegra, Emily, and Carrie. The bride-to-be is in the center:


That night my lovely friends Amanda, Stephanie, and I kidnapped our birthday girl Brittany for a night out in NOLA at The Melting Pot (ahhhhhhhh I will miss this place!) and Sucre for a fabulous birthday dessert! We had so much fun! I feel like I’ve known these girls my whole life even though it has only been a short while. I will miss them so much!!



That week I went to my little brother Hayden’s play, The Lion King. He’s in 8th grade playing a lead role in a high school production, and he was amazing! I am so proud of him! He’s also grown about 6 inches since this summer, is towering over me, and growing up to be such an incredible guy. I also got to visit with my younger siblings and my dear sis. I hope that Skype and summer visits will suffice enough 😦 it gets harder to say goodbye every time I see them.



The following weekend we had a Disciple Now weekend with the youth which was exhausting but fun and reflective. They made an epic Harlem Shake video. Our kids are on the left. Our lovely Amanda is getting cray with the hula hoop 🙂 chiggity check that
Harlem Shake DNOW

The week that follows was my last ever- SPRING BREAK! During which, I mostly slept and caught up on visiting with friends and family. First we finally got to pick up the car after it’s been in the shop for over a week. I was especially happy about this because I hated driving the rental.


I visited my best friend and watched my favorite little boys for a while.


I also visited my grandma (light of my life) and had a great visit in Mississippi. My mom and I visited my cousin, Kasey, and her new beautiful baby boy!


Over the weekend, we went to dinner with our good friends Bridgette and Taylor an then spent the weekend in to catch up on rest and packing. We had a great Easter celebrating our risen Savior with family and friends. We had a great meal at my mom’s house, and just enjoyed the time we had together before it was time to go back to work.





The week back was really rough. My students are so ready for summer that they act like wild animals most days, and we had our yard sale to prepare for which made it even more stressful. On a positive note, my Uncle Brad came and stayed with us which just made my week because he’s also one of the lights of my life! We went to dinner with my She-She. Then between Brad and my mom,we actually managed to have fun getting ready for the yard sale. Unfortunately I went to get contacts that day as well which might possibly be the worst idea I’ve ever had! I wanted freedom from glasses at the beach- doh! They’re a little more bearable each day though.



We made about $400 with our yard sale, but most importantly, we got rid of a ton of stuff. The rest we are donating except for the furniture items we have left. We are listing them on Craigslist. The evening of the sale was our dear friends’ Amanda (bridal shower above) & Stephen’s wedding. It was so beautiful, and we were so honored to be a part of it. I was so emotional not just because my friend made a gorgeous bride but because I am going to miss my friends very much. I am so happy to have been a part of their special day though!




I will especially miss this girl! Laura, my love, lives in Chicago now, and I honestly don’t know when we’ll see each other again. We have been friends since 5th grade though, so I know it won’t be too long 🙂

I think that’s sufficiently the last month. It was never my intention to blog once a month, so I hope it won’t be this long before we catch up again 🙂 With the moving update, DJ is working on his teaching application which should be submitted soon. He has been officially cleared as healthy to teach with no communicable diseases (yay!)! We are still trying to sell our house (blah) and packing is becoming more and more evident. We are moving to my mom’s in 3 and a half weeks to save on bills and make sure everything is ready to go on June 3! Hopefully the St. Thomas update will be a little more relevant next time 🙂 Thanks for tuning in and sharing our lives!
Countdown: 54 days!!



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