And then there were three…

I can’t believe we’re down to three months! So much has happened in February and these 9 days of March, I know June 3 will be here before we know it. And honestly, it’s quite terrifying and exciting of course!

February 14- a day of love… or should’ve been. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and on my way back to school got into a little accident. I was driving on the highway and was approaching an intersection (thank God), and a girl pulled out of a grocery store parking lot right in front of me. Naturally I t-boned her. 45 minutes later when the police arrived, I found out I was definitely not at fault, but the girl did not have insurance. Happy Valentine’s Day! My principal came and picked me up, so I could teach. Meanwhile DJ sorted out insurance information and had the car towed. It took over 2 weeks, but she’s good as new! All the while DJ had to get out of bed and bring me to work which was nice 🙂
Here she’s is looking like a shiny new used car


As far as trip preparation, we are still trying to sell the ole’ trailer. We have a couple coming to look at in within the next week (fingers crossed)! We have done some serious packing, sort of. It still seems like we have an endless amount of “stuff”. We sold the kitchen table, so it certainly looks like we’re moving stuff out.


DJ bought and put together House’s kennel and extension kit. It looks ghetto-rigged, but it’ll save us about $400 on House’s flight. He loves his new little space too 🙂


I’ve started a daily tweet on things I will/will not miss about Louisiana in honor of the 90 day countdown @mrscarp. It’s made me realize that while I’m craving the surf, sun, and adventure, there’s a lot that I will miss about home and just won’t be the same. I skipped #87, which was yesterday, because my mamaw passed away. I just wasn’t ready to post the thing I will miss yet. My middle name, Alyce, comes from my mamaw, and as my sister so eloquently put it yesterday, she was “the best of the Porter family.” I have never met a sweeter lady than my mamaw. At 97 years old, her health had been in decline for a few years, but she was always smiling. Even though she couldn’t hear half of what you said, she made you feel like it was the best story she’s ever heard. Mamaw had a ton of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even a great great grandchild, and anytime she was near a bunch of us, you could tell by her face that she felt like the luckiest lady in the world to be blessed with such a vast family. Being the oldest great granddaughter, she always recognized me in the sea of “youngin’s”, and that always made me feel special. When we were younger, she would tell me and my brother and sister about the “olden” days of “spit curls” and milk men. She always wanted to hold your hand when having a conversation, and she used to make the best biscuits and sweet tea I’ve had. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about Mamaw’s passing because she lived such a long and full life, and I know she’s young and free in heaven today with my lovely Granny praising The Lord and being released of the pain and troubles of this world. My heart still breaks though as I feel like I didn’t visit enough or ever say how much she truly meant to me and inspired my life. More than anything this has showed me how much I need to stop taking time for granted, not just the time I have left in Louisiana, but the time I have with my loved ones at all. As elderly as Mamaw was, I felt like I had time to visit before I left, and now it’ll be heaven’s timing before I visit again. I won’t take these remaining days for granted because I never know when a visit will be the last. I hope that my mamaw knew how much I loved and admired her, but to be sure, I hope I won’t make the same mistake of putting off saying it again.

Countdown: 86 days



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