I’m leaaaavin’ on a jet plane

Well it’s been a mixture of eventfulness and winter boredom at Casa Carpenter. The boredom was largely due to the endless rain and freezing temperatures which led to weeks of the doldrums. Fear not. The sun has returned and the delightful blend of purple, green, and gold can be seen around town as we approach the Mardi Gras season. Still no king cake in the house, but it’ll be coming soon!

First things first- Harbour, our bathroom eating sweetheart, has found a new and wonderful home to a very sweet lady that we met through a Craigslist post for the mattress in the extra room. The mattress is still here (blah), but we couldn’t have asked for a better owner for our little girl. Here she is with her pile of new toys 🙂


We’ve spent our tidbits of free time in between lesson planning (meg), fixing up the house (DJ), and general living (us) selling and packing our lives’ accumulation of stuff. We’ve got the process down to a science because we’ll be shipping boxes by order of priority. We’ve got U-Haul boxes and Rubbermaids which will be stored at our family’s houses and sent to us via USPS once we’ve got our own place. We’re doing everything we can to cut moving costs because we’ll need that dough when we’re job hunting.

So we use magazines that we’ve unhealthfully hoarded for 5 years as packing paper


And to wrap our glass items


We make a list of everything in the box and put it on top of the packing paper


Then we type up the packing list into a Word doc that way we can search for specific items if it becomes necessary to have a Harry Potter scarf or the seasons of House 😉


Finally we weigh and label the outside of the box with the weight and box number as to make it easy to request from “the mainland.”


For the grand finale, we finally booked our flight! To my delightful surprise, while I was away at Beta convention with my sweet darlings, I received an email notification of my flight itinerary as my incredible hubby had it forwarded to me as I was both exhausted and missing home. We depart Louis Armstrong on June 3 at 7:45 a.m. and will arrive at our home sweet island at 3:15 p.m. This will be our longest and definitely most exciting flight yet 🙂


Well that’s all for now folks. Today’s countdown = 126 days!


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